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Kocaeli Disleksi Derneği (Kocaeli Dyslexia Association), is a non-profit organization which has activities for educational and vocational guidance and counselling of the students who have dyslexia. The management board of the association consists of educational staff being expert in their own fields who searches for the systematic works helping to understand the children who are dyslexic, participate in the international projects and adapt them to our country. The target group of our members is everyone who intersected with dyslexia in any way.

It is very important to catch the dyslexia phenomenon at an early age and at the beginning of education life as much as possible in terms of the success of the interventions in this issue. However, every student does not have chance to be early diagnosed. Therefore, our organization together with Provincial Directorate of National Education and Guidance and Research Centre conducts works and researches in order to provide the students to know themselves correctly and to lead them to an appropriate occupation focusing particularly on the students who study at 8th and 9th grades.

Our initial aim is to inform educational staff, families and students, to guide them to appropriate education opportunities, to introduce them innovative materials developed in the field and provide them to benefit from these in the easiest and the most economical way. Among our priorities are to follow the innovations in the world, to introduce their rights and legal regulations realized in the field and to give seminars.

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